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Investment Criteria

Toma Capital is actively searching to acquire a privately held business from an owner seeking full or partial liquidity. Our acquisition structure is highly flexible, but we require a controlling interest. The business must be profitable, with predictable cash flows and be located in the United States. The business should satisfy most of the following criteria:

Financial Criteria

  • $10 to $50 million of annual revenue
  • $2 to $5 million of annual cash flow
  • 3+ year history of continuous profitability
  • 15%+ operating margin

Situational Criteria

  • Owner seeking liquidity and / or exit
  • Owner desires a more focused role (e.g. sales, technology)
  • Entrepreneur in need of skilled board
  • Serial entrepreneur ready to transition to next venture

Company Criteria

  • Diverse customer base with high retention rates
  • Well positioned in a growing and fragmented industry
  • Identifiable growth opportunities
  • Solid employee relations, with history of strong employee relations