Our Difference

Toma Capital’s unique philosophy differentiates us from purely financial, institutional or lifestyle buyers. As a team of entrepreneurs, we seek to distinguish ourselves along several key dimensions:

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Unique Structure

Toma Capital is not a traditional private equity firm and does not operate like one. We offer flexible solutions to business owners and entrepreneurs seeking an alternative to traditional exit opportunities. We offer expert leadership and balanced structure to drive long-term growth and success.

Trust and Integrity

We seek to invest in companies with a corporate conscience. We understand the sensitivity surrounding employees, customers and the greater community and will conduct a quick and confidential diligence process that minimally affects your business. An honest and transparent partnership is the cornerstone of our business dealings.

Confidence and Capital

We offer access to more than $200 million of capital. You can be confident that we will maintain clear communication and offer a fair price to ensure a smooth transition that benefits all parties. Our commitments are made with clear and actionable intentions.

Management Minded

We are a skilled group of investors, entrepreneurs and operators with decades of experience growing owner operated, start-up, and family owned businesses. There is no pre-determined investment holding period. We acquire one business at a time and one principal will lead our day-to-day management responsibilities after the acquisition is complete.